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‘As we struggle against sectarianism in housing provision in Belfast, what can we learn from other activists and campaigns across the globe?

A resource for activism…

In 2016/17 this question sent two Irish housing activists on a journey across the world. We began in ‘post conflict’ Belfast, with Participation and the Practice of Rights, organising homeless families in a toxic political atmosphere where unaddressed religious inequality continues to fuel power and conflict. We travelled to Capetown, Durban, Johannesburg, New York, New Jersey and Boston. As Obama was replaced by Trump, President Zuma of South Africa faced hundreds counts of corruption and Brexit laid bare the democratic deficit at the heart of the British-Irish Peace process, we were privileged to meet with inspiring people, families, activists and organisations and to realise that we were all wrestling with different versions of the same problems.

This website has been produced to introduce you to some of the lessons for action we learned along the way: principles, tactics, strategies and structures developed by amazing people to change their unequal societies.

We invite you to sample what we have learned and share your own lessons to help build a better future.