Thapelo Mohapi

29th January 2018

Lesson from Thapelo – 

“occupy, resist, develop”

Thapelo regarding the rallying call of Abhalali.

Thapelo is the General Secretary of Abahlali BaseMjondolo.

We met Thapelo in Durban, South Africa in late 2017 and arranged for him to travel to Ireland in 2018 to speak to campaigners who fought against Apartheid about the reality of south Africa in the present.

He is one of 50,000 Shackdwellers who have now joined the movement and helps to organise people living in ‘informal settlements’.  Abahlali hold participative and democratic decision making forums to self organise their campaigns, communities and services  – often in the face of extremely violent state reaction.

Video: A protest by members of Abahlali BaseMjondolo