Madeleine Steczynski

1st February 2018

Lesson from Madeline – 

“kids with guitars in their hands don’t have guns” 

Madeline speaking about the thought behind using music to transform gun crime in East Boston.

Madeline is a co-founder and key driver of the amazing Zumix project  – A community music project born to help tackle gun crime and youth exclusion with the many young, talented artists living in Boston’s working class neighbourhoods.

We first met Madeline in Boston in 2017.

Madeline explained the history and socio-economic evolution of Eastie (east Boston) including the various campaigns people have developed to resist gentrification and exploitation.

'They wrecked the beautiful park' Madeline explains the impact Logan airport on East Boston community.
Talking to Madeline and Pedro - Can we fix the world? What's a hot toddie?