Joe Delaney

1st February 2018

Joe Delaney – Grenfell

Lesson from Joe – 

“Never give up”

Joe explained the reality that justice takes time and effort, but is achievable with commitment.

Joe is an organiser and activist with the Grenfell Action Group  and the campaign for justice for the victims of the Grenfell Fire.

We first met Joe Delaney in London in 2018. Joe survived his neighbours and friends who died in the Grenfell Fire on 14 June 2017.

He showed us the deavastating aftermath and talked through the tragedy that captivated the world and resonated with many people living in social housing across Britain and Ireland – explaining how the culture of market led housing policy in government decision making ignored the human rights of social housing tenants and lead directly to the tragedy – a culture which continues to compound the tragedy by ignoring the victims and survivors in the aftermath.

Joe has shared valuable and difficult lessons which are being applied by North Belfast residents involved in the #Equality Can’t Wait! – #Build Homes Now! campaign.

Our interview with Joe Delaney - what caused Grenfell?