Hopolang Selebalo

1st February 2018

Lesson from Hopolang –

“It is important to fuse robust policy and research with grassroots organising in order to evoke effective change” –

Hopolang talking on the organising for various occupations of derelict buildings to house those most in need facilitated through the work of The Reclaim the City campaign.

We first met Hopolang Selebalo in October 2016.  She is an organiser with Ndifuna Ukwazi – Dare to Know  an organisation who support campaigns on the issue of land justice in the deeply racially and spatially divided Cape Town.


"2nd visit- Hopolang explains the Governments response since our last visit regarding the current situation re: the sale of the Tafelberg Site, the status of the Bromwell Street Residents and the current occupations”
Hopolang provides a step-by-step outline of NU and Reclaim The City's response to the sale of Tafelberg Site"

Video: The need for Urban Land Justice