Craig Dwyer

6th August 2018

Lesson from Craig: 

“Effective digital strategies are essential for progressive social change” 

Craig talking in relation to his use and implementation of digital/social media in helping to overcome social injustices.

We first met Craig in Wicklow in 2017 when he was an SCI fellow working on the ‘Yes Equality’ referendum as the social media director campaign – using social media to engage a wider audience.

He has since went on to play a vital role in the marriage equality vote in Australia and founded the Transparent Referendum Initiative which helped enable an honest debate through transparency and scrutiny of targeted political ads on social media regarding the Repeal 8th Campaign. 

Craig established For A Change as a toolkit for activists and campaigners which equips them with the knowledge and skills required to run an online campaign to help embrace all the positive opportunities that social media has to offer.