Cindy and Christine

2nd February 2018



S.A.D.S.A.W.U activists outside new homes

Lesson from Cindy and Christine – 

“Never give up”

Cindy and Christine spoke in relation to their tireless campaigns to securing basic rights for domestic workers in South Africa.

We first met Cindy and Christine in October 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Cindy works full time as an adviser and organsier with S.A.D.S.A.W.U -the Domestic Workers Union.

Christine sacrifices her only day off work as domestic worker to volunteer her time at Community House – S.A.D.S.A.W.U

Cindy and Christine, S.A.D.S.A.W.U on the issues domestic workers in South Africa face

Video: Hester from S.A.D.S.A.W.U on the launch of one of their campaigns