On Wednesday’s We Occupy….

5th May 2017

Last night I got a real insight into how occupied life in the Cissie Goul house was forthe residents.  They took great pride in showing me around this place many now call home.

As a building it was in decent condition, the residents had done a great job in cleaning it up and making it their own!  The occupiers had developed some innovative ways to “make it work” as Kenny (one of the residents) told me.  For example, there was no running water on the side of the building in which the residents were staying so they used the old fire hose pipes and ran the water through to save them running back and forth! Everyone pitches in when it comes to cleaning and cooking, they run a tight ship!

Nick (one of the organisers at NU) screened a documentary about occupation in São Paulo, there was a discussion in terms of what could the occupiers learn from the Brazilians.  A lot of ideas were discussed and it is fair to say there was a lot of healthy debate!

For now it’s bedtime, busy day tomorrow meeting SJC, EE Law Centre, Housing Association Charnelle from Bromwell Street and finishing the day with a public meeting in Sea Poimt about the occupation in Tafelberg. Viva Viva!!